Booking Terms and Conditions

 Community First recognises the need for visiting groups to assure themselves as to the quality and safety of our provision. This page sets out our terms and conditions of hire and Centre risk management summary.

Staff Competence

All staff leading activities will hold the relevant National Governing Body qualification or have been assessed as competent by an appropriately experienced and qualified person as required by the Licensing Authority.

Risk Assessments

The Centre conforms to current national Health and Safety Standards, which are further supported by our own Risk Assessments and Operating procedures.  Activity risk assessments are reviewed daily to take into account any variables e.g. the weather forecast, which may affect the safe conduct of an activity.

Transfer of Responsibilities

The visiting group leader has overall responsibility for their group at all times.  The Centre staff have responsibility for the programme, the equipment and general provision of the Centre and for operating the centre to legal requirements. Centre staff will be responsible for the safety and management of participants on all Centre-led activities. It is essential that visiting staff provide advice regarding individuals and offer appropriate support to enable the Centre staff to properly perform their duties. The Centre has procedures in place for recording this information to ensure that all Centre staff that are due to work with these individuals, are made fully aware of their requirements and can tailor the activities appropriately.

The Centre requests that a visiting staff member be present for pastoral/behavioural supervision of the group participating in activities. Centre staff are not responsible for the general behaviour and discipline of a group, this remains the responsibility of the visiting staff. However, Centre staff will take measures in the event that they feel the safety of an activity is compromised by such behaviour.

Visiting staff remain in loco parentis at all times for participants under 18. If a participant is withdrawn from the “led” activity for any reason, then the responsibility for those withdrawn will revert to the visiting staff. If at any time the visiting staff are unhappy about the activity, they must make their concerns known to Centre staff at the earliest opportunity. Visiting staff may insist that any activity does not continue on the grounds of physical or psychological harm.

Supervision when not on Activities

Visiting staff are responsible for the supervision of their groups when not in a structured session led by Centre staff. With this in mind, Oxenwood kindly asks that visiting staff refrain from engaging in activities at this time (particularly outside of normal working hours), which could hinder them from properly performing this duty. Oxenwood has a member of Centre staff on call at all times for assistance, or in the event of an emergency, who is a qualified First Aider.

Rules regarding the conduct of visitors whilst at the Centre will be discussed on arrival.

Essential Duties

During your visit we expect that all groups keep the Centre in a tidy condition and when you leave.

Where the Centre is supplying food for your group, we will liaise with you to ensure that any medical and/or dietary requirements within your group are suitably catered for. It is, however, essential that this information is given to our catering staff in good time to ensure that suitable arrangements are made. Our catering staff will prepare your meals for you and put them ready for you to serve up at a time that is convenient for you. Please note that it is the groups’ responsibility to serve meals and to wash up afterwards any dishes, plates, cups etc, used during mealtimes and serving, and to put them away in the appropriate locations.

Allergies/Medical/Dietary Requirements

We will supply allergen-specific/special dietary requirements/vegetarian alternatives where necessary, but we ask that you inform us in good time to ensure we have the necessary stock to do this.

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion

At Oxenwood, we believe in outdoor education for all. We endeavour to create a welcoming and inclusive environment with activities and sessions that everyone can enjoy. We understand that everyone has different needs and we will adapt our Centre and sessions to take these needs into account. Our Accessibility Statement contains more information about how we can support visitors with disabilities, additional needs and learning differences.

Please let us know at the time of booking if members of your group require additional support to make your visit safe, comfortable and enjoyable.

Child Protection

A criminal background check via the disclosure process is carried out on all Centre staff and volunteers. Centre policies are consistent with Community First and Youth Action Wiltshire procedures. For more information, please see Community First – Safeguarding Children and Young People.

Security Arrangements

All external doors can be secured to prevent entry by an intruder and a nighttime lock-up procedure is in place. External doors to bedroom areas can be alarmed to warn visiting staff of egress by residents. CCTV cameras are also in place at the Centre covering the main entrances.

Fire Protection

The Centre is not required to hold a Fire Certificate, however, the Centre is inspected by a Wiltshire Council appointed person, who produces the fire risk assessment and ensures the Centre meets the National Fire Safety standards. Please note that the Centre operate a No Smoking policy throughout its premises. This is in line with the Community First No Smoking Policy.


Oxenwood Outdoor Education Centre is owned and operated by Community First which holds Public Liability insurance, as required by law. It has a limit of £10 million indemnity for any one incident. We recommend participants make their own provision for personal accident cover should they consider it appropriate.

Bookings and Enquiries

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