Resources and FAQs

This page contains information for school/group leaders and parents, guardians and carers. For school and group leaders, please see below for documents and forms relevant to your visit. For parents, carers and guardians, we have also included some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about your child’s visit to our Centre.

School and Group Leaders

The information below is designed for schools and group leaders e.g. youth clubs and youth groups.

Residential booking pack for schools and groups

Learning Objectives Matrix

Risk Assessments

Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy

Suggested kit list for residential visits

Medical and Address Form (Individual)

Water Environment Confidence Form

Medical, Allergy and Dietary Information Form (Group)

Parents and Guardians

We understand that some children may be nervous about staying away from home and that you as a parent or guardian might have questions about how to prepare for your child’s residential. Please see below for some frequently asked questions.

For specific questions about the residential, please contact the school, youth club or group leader who is arranging the residential visit. They will provide you with copies of forms and other information that we need for your child’s visit to the Centre. Please note, any information shared with us about your child e.g. medical, dietary, water environment confidence, will be kept strictly confidential.

What does my child need to bring?

We have put together a suggested kit list which contains a list of items which your child will need to bring for their residential. Your school/group residential leader may request that you pack additional items alongside the suggested kit list.

Is a member of Centre staff on duty overnight?

No, Oxenwood staff are not on duty overnight and teaching staff/group leaders are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of children and young people on site overnight. An out-of-hours emergency contact telephone number is provided.

Can my child bring a mobile phone or tablet?

We kindly request that children do not bring mobile phones, tablets, laptops or other electronic devices to the Centre. A residential is a fantastic opportunity for children and young people to take a break from screens, get outside and have fun with their peers. Your school or group leader will have a policy in place as a means of contact in an emergency.

Can my child bring spending money?

Children can bring a small amount of spending money with them. A small “Trading Post” is available at the Centre selling tuck and souvenirs, it is suggested that pocket money should be limited to a maximum of £5 per person.

My child is nervous about their residential trip

It is perfectly normal for your child to feel nervous or apprehensive about a residential trip, especially if this is the first time they have stayed away from home overnight without you. If you or your child are worried, please raise this with your school or group leader who can help to reassure you. Our Centre staff have many years of experience working with children and young people, and will support and encourage your child during their time on residential.

What are the bathroom and sleeping arrangements?

Boys and girls have their own toilet and shower facilities. There is one large dormitory and several smaller dormitories for sleeping arrangements. Teaching staff/group leaders have their own sleeping and bathroom facilities.

What sort of food will be provided?

We will liaise with your child’s school/group leader to provide a menu for the residential. Our menu includes breakfast, lunch and evening meal, as well as snacks. We ask that a packed lunch be provided for the first day of your child’s residential.

All of the food served at Oxenwood is freshly prepared on the premises by our fantastic catering team. We aim to provide a range of healthy and nutritionally balanced meals.

My child has an allergy/specific dietary requirements

Your school or group leader will be asked to collect information about allergies and specific dietary needs to pass on to our catering team before your visit. We will then supply meals which are free of allergens or which meet your child’s individual dietary needs.

Can my child bring prescribed medication?

If your child needs to take prescribed medication during their visit to the Centre, please discuss this with the school or group leader who is organising the residential trip. Any medication needs to be discussed with the member of staff in charge of the group before the visit to Oxenwood. Full instructions for the administration of the medicine should be supplied to the group leader, who will take overall responsibility for its administration and safekeeping.

My child is a non-swimmer or is very water averse

Some of our adventure activities take place on water. These include kayaking, canoeing, paddle sports and raft building. If your child’s residential includes water-based activities, your school or group leader will ask you to complete a water environment confidence form which tells us how comfortable your child is in the water. If your child is a non-swimmer or is very water averse and you do not want them to participate in any water-based activity, please indicate this on the consent form provided to you by the school or group leader.

Helmets and buoyancy aids are provided to each individual taking part in water-based activities, and all water-based activities are led by an experienced and qualified Instructor.

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