School and Group Residentials

Have fun, learn new skills and develop independence.

Residentials at Oxenwood

School and group residential trips are a great way for young people to engage positively with learning outside the classroom. Being away from home also helps young people to develop essential life skills like decision-making, problem-solving, confidence and personal responsibility. 

We can organise self-catered, part-catered and fully-catered residentials for schools, clubs and groups with a range of activities to choose from. In addition to schools, the Centre is also an ideal residential setting for youth groups such as Scouts, Brownies and Duke of Edinburgh.

Oxenwood climbing wall

For many young people, a structured and well-organised residential can be a life-changing experience. 

Accommodation and Facilities

Oxenwood Centre has a residential capacity of up to 38 group members (e.g. pupils/young people) in 4 dormitory rooms. The Centre has 2 separate staff bedrooms which can accommodate 6 group leaders, with space for up to 2 additional group leader beds if required. Your school or group will have exclusive access to the Centre during your residential visit.

The Centre has a catering kitchen, toilet and shower facilities (including disabled access), washing and drying facilities, a main hall, a staff room and playing field. We also have a fully equipped classroom, with video and audio equipment. 


Oxenwood Outdoor Education Centre has a fully equipped catering kitchen and we can offer healthy, home-cooked meals for residential groups. This includes breakfast, lunch and evening meal. All of our food is freshly prepared on the premises by our fantastic catering team.

Everyone is welcome at Oxenwood and we can cater for groups with specific dietary needs including allergies or food intolerances, vegetarian/vegan and faith-based dietary practices e.g. halal, kosher etc. Please let us know at the time of your booking if any members of your group have any specific dietary requirements.

Adventure Activities

During your residential visit, your group has the opportunity to take part in a variety of adventure activities:

Other Activities

In addition to adventure activities, we also offer a variety of opportunities for team building and outdoor learning (including environmental studies and woodland activities), organised group walking, navigation and orienteering:

Organised local walks (day and night walking)


Photo search

Navigation and map reading

Night navigation exercises

Journeying and basic expedition

Problem-solving (outdoor and indoor)

Shelter building

Mini beast hunting

Stream survey and stream dipping

Tree identification

Bird identification

Woodland art and sculpture

Example 2 Night Residential

9.30-11am – Arrival at Centre, safety talk, settle in and fire drill

Owl barn and woodland activities

4.30 – Return to Centre, evening meal and children’s duties

Evening nature walk

Breakfast and tidy up, pack bags and clear rooms
Botley Drove daytime nature walk
Photo search (if time)

Example 4 Night Residential

9.30-11am – Arrival at Centre, safety talk settle in and fire drill

Themed day or day hike

4.30pm – Return to Centre, evening meal, children’s duties

Night walk – spooky alley

8am – breakfast and children’s duties

9.30am – briefing in the main hall (split into two groups)

  • Group A – Paddlesports
  • Group B – Mountain Biking

12noon Lunch

  • Group A – Mountain Biking
  • Group B –Paddlesports

Climbing wall –  all together

5pm – evening meal and children’s duties

Disco – evening

8am – Breakfast and children’s duties

9.30am – Briefing in the main hall

Survival day – Shelter building, fire and campfire cooking

5pm – Evening meal and children’s duties

Stream dipping – Whole group activity

8am – Breakfast and children’s duties

9.30am – Briefing in the main hall – split into two groups

  • Group A – Archery
  • Group B – Rifle Shooting

11am – Break

  • Group A – Rifle Shooting
  • Group B –Archery

12.30pm – Lunch

  • Group A – Fencing
  • Group B – Orienteering

15.15pm – Break

  • Group A – Orienteering
  • Group B – Fencing

5pm – Evening meal and children’s duties

Talent Show

8am – Breakfast and children’s duties

Pack bags and clear dorms

9.30am – Problem solving


Depart back to school – time agreed with coach provider

Bookings and Enquiries

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