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We can bring history and literacy to life for your students with themed enrichment days, where we meet our ancestors (or literary characters) close up, and through a range of interactive and action-oriented workshops. We cover most periods, from our Stone Age ancestors through to the present day. Topics we have previously covered include: Celts and Romans, King Arthur, Beowulf, The Vikings and 1066: The Year of Battles.

Please get in touch with us to discuss your topic and find out how we can design an immersive and interactive learning experience which meets your learning objectives.

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We can offer a range of exciting curriculum enrichment days covering a variety of themes linked to the national curriculum.

Curriculum Enrichment Days

Examples of history/literary themed curriculum enrichment days we have previously organised for schools include:

Stone Age Man

Hunter gatherers, the mobile ‘supermarket’ and the birth of farming


The army, invasion and daily life

Angles and Saxons

Rune swords, riddles and the forging of England

Alfred the Great

Burnt cakes, heroic battles and strong rule

Knights and Castles

Squires, jousts, and fair and fierce maidens

Explorers and Adventurers

Treasure maps, galleons and new worlds

Wiltshire in the Civil War

Waller and Hopton, gunpowder and sieges


The Year of Battles; the defeat of the Vikings and the coming of the Normans; Stamford Bridge and Hastings

Celts and Ancient Britons

Druids, rebellion and hillforts

King Arthur

The legend and the hero from history


Heroes and monsters

The Vikings

Long ships, new lands and long voyages


A King, Queens, the executioner’s axe and the age of exploration


Cutlasses, buried treasure and skulls and crossbones

1666 - The Great Fire

A king, a diary, a war and disaster

Oxenwood Roundhouse
Knight School - Curriculum Enrichment Day

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