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Catering at Oxenwood Outdoor Education Centre

Catering at Oxenwood

Oxenwood Outdoor Education Centre has a fully equipped catering kitchen and we can offer healthy, home-cooked meals for residential groups. This includes breakfast, lunch and evening meal. All of our food is freshly prepared on the premises by our fantastic catering team Les and Rex.

Everyone is welcome at Oxenwood and we can cater for groups with specific dietary needs including allergies or food intolerances, vegetarian/vegan and faith-based dietary practices e.g. halal, kosher etc. Please let us know at the time of your booking if any members of your group have special dietary requirements.

Oxenwood Dining Hall

All of our food is freshly prepared on the premises and laid out in the main dining area. Groups can serve their own meals and sit down to enjoy a meal together after a fun day of activities.

Example Menu

Oxenwood Example Menu

Click to the image above download a sample menu

Allergies and Specific Dietary Requirements

If you have a food allergy, food intolerance or specific dietary requirement, your meal will be prepared and plated separately.

Our Catering Team

Les - Oxenwood Catering Team

Les – Chef

Rex - Oxenwood Catering Team

Rex – Catering Assistant

Serving Meals and Tidying Up

Each group is responsible for serving their own meals once the food has been set out by the Catering Team. The dining hall should be left clean and tidy after each meal, this includes clearing tables and sweeping.

Groups are responsible for washing up dishes, plates, cups etc used during mealtimes, and putting them away in the appropriate locations.

For school and youth group residentials we strongly recommend letting children and young people take an active role in clearing up after each meal. A suggested rota is included with your booking pack.

Food Hygiene Rating - 5 'Very Good'

Oxenwood Outdoor Education Centre has a Food Hygiene Rating of ‘5’ (Very Good).

Bookings and Enquiries

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