Adventure Activities

Challenge yourself, try something new and learn new skills

Have fun and learn new skills

Join us for a fun-filled day or half-day of adventure activities, led by our qualified and experienced Outdoor Education Instructors. We offer a variety of opportunities to get outside and take part in individual or group adventure activities including water sports, climbing, archery and mountain biking.

All of our adventure activities are centred around teamwork, effective communication and confidence building. Our sessions are suitable for beginners and those with more experience. Contact us to discuss your day or residential trip and we can build a programme of activities for your school or group.

Oxenwood climbing wall

Taking part in adventure activities in a safe environment is a fantastic way for young people to develop independence, self-confidence, teamwork and trust

Adventure Activities

We offer the following adventure activities at Oxenwood Outdoor Education Centre. 

Adventure Activities - Archery


Learn to use a bow and arrow on our outdoor archery range. Practise your individual archery skills with support from our trained Instructors and take part in a team competition to put your new archery skills to the test.

Adventure Activities - Bushcraft and Survival Skills

Bushcraft/Survival Skills

Survive in the great outdoors by learning how to light and cook on an open fire. Learn how to build a shelter as a group, using sticks, foliage and other materials typically found in woodland and outdoor areas.

Adventure Activities - Canoeing


Have fun and build confidence on the water. Our multi-person canoes can seat up to four people. Canoeing is a great way to improve communication skills and encourage group-based learning.

Adventure Activities - Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

Paddle Sports

We offer multi-person canoeing, individual kayaking and Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP), so your group can experience a variety of different water sports. All of these skills are designed to build confidence on the water.

Adventure Activities - Raft Building

Raft Building

Raft building is a great team-building activity. Groups of young people or adults work together to design and build a buoyant raft using a selection of materials including barrels, rope and wooden planks.

Adventure Activities - Kayaking


Kayaking is an individual skill. This activity will help to develop independence, decision-making, coordination, and resilience, with games and challenges designed to improve your paddling technique and confidence.

Adventure Activities - Climbing-Wall

Climbing Wall

Have fun on our climbing wall, test your skills and see if you can climb to the top. This activity develops confidence, strength and endurance. Our climbing wall also has an auto belay for safety and ease of use.

Adventure Activities - Cycle-Skills

Cycle Skills

Develop your cycling skills in a safe space away from traffic and other hazards. This session will help your group develop confidence on a bicycle, improve independence, develop social skills and boost wellbeing.

Adventure Activities - Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking

A guided mountain biking session is an exciting way to explore the outdoors including local trails and routes. Test your skills with varied terrain and develop confidence when cycling offroad, either individually or as a group.

Adventure Activities - Fencing


Fencing is a great way to develop strategic thinking and confidence. Learn techniques including attack and defence, test your skills by competing against others in your group. The session includes protective clothing and headwear.

Adventure Activities - Olympic Style Air Rifle

Olympic Style Air Rifle

Learn to safely handle and shoot an air rifle with support from Instructors. Develop patience and concentration as you get to grips with an air rifle. Test your skills with target practice in our outdoor range.



We are committed to providing safe, accessible and high-quality outdoor learning and adventure activity instruction at Oxenwood and Linkenholt Centres. We are registered with the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority.

We are also registered with the following accrediting organisations:

Archery GB

Archery GB

British Canoeing

British Canoeing

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National Small-bore Rifle Association

Mountain Bike Instructors Award

Mountain Bike Instructors Award

MTA - Mountain Training Association Logo

Mountain Training Association

Other Activities

Alongside adventure activities, we also offer a variety of opportunities for team building and outdoor learning (including environmental studies and woodland activities), organised group walking, navigation and orienteering:

Organised local walks (day and night walking)


Photo search

Navigation and map reading

Night navigation exercises

Journeying and basic expedition

Problem-solving (outdoor and indoor)

Shelter building

Mini beast hunting

Stream survey and stream dipping

Tree identification

Bird identification

Woodland art and sculpture

Mountain days and rock climbing (offsite)

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